A successful vulnerability management program starts with a comprehensive view and deep understanding of everything on your network – all of the assets, vulnerabilities and threats. Vulnerability Management is a continuous information security risk process that requires management oversight and includes a 4-tier approach of: discovery, reporting, prioritization, and response.

It can be challenging to know if you’re discovering all existing vulnerabilities – and prioritizing which to fix first. Are other areas of the business remediating vulnerabilities? Are you collecting and analyzing data to determine if you’re improving your cybersecurity program – or not?

There are many commercially available vulnerability management solutions. These offerings range from automated vulnerability management systems to vulnerability management tools that require implementation by the organization. Vulnerability management solutions often include features such as policy management, application scanning/testing, vulnerability remediation, network and vulnerability monitoring, and reporting (vulnerabilities, compliance issues, etc). Effective solutions should offer scalability and ease of implementation/integration. It is also important that vulnerability management solutions provide tracking and metrics for measuring success.

Vulnerability Management with Tenable

Tenable provides precision focus and critical context to help you easily discover the vulnerabilities associated with evolving technologies, devices, users, applications and containers. By combining vulnerability data with device log data, network traffic and threat intelligence feeds, we deliver a deeper, real-time, and prioritized picture of what truly matters most to help you reduce your attack surface – and achieve program success.

SecurityCenter™ is a comprehensive vulnerability analytics solution that provides complete visibility into the security and compliance posture of your distributed and complex IT infrastructure. SecurityCenter does this through advanced analytics, customizable dashboards/reports, and workflows to identify weaknesses on your IT assets, by identifying all vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malware on them.

Tenable Network Security's team of research engineers keeps the Nessus® vulnerability scanner up to date with the latest network and host security audits available. Nessus includes the latest security tests for publicly available security patches, disclosed vulnerabilities, and common worms.

Nessus subscribers also have the ability to audit their UNIX and Windows servers for compliant configurations. Tenable provides several audit policies based on public best practices for hardening UNIX and Windows servers from the NSA, NIST (FDCC), CERT, and Centre for Internet Security. New polices can also be easily created. Nessus also includes commercial email/live chat support and a customer support portal for use with the Nessus vulnerability scanner.