‘Next-generation’ endpoint protection or next-gen AV has been getting a lot of press recently. But what does the term actually mean? For IT security managers under pressure, the most important thing isn’t the latest buzzword but finding a solution which is effective in protecting their organization from an increasingly agile and determined online enemy. Multiple threat protection techniques working in synergy is the key to this.

Protecting your Endpoints with Trend Micro X-Gen

There is a lots of market noise that machine learning technology is the silver bullet to solve all your endpoint security problems. But protecting your organization is about more than any one technology. Customers value a proven endpoint security partner, which continually evolves its endpoint protection solutions – adding new capabilities such as machine learning – to protect against the changing threat landscape.

Machine learning is good at blocking threats hidden in executable files, but struggles in detecting threats hidden in non-executable files, such as malicious scripts in PDFs or Word documents. There are many different threats out there – i.e. ransomware, browser exploits, zero-day threats – and you need many different protection techniques working together to deflect them. Other techniques, working in concert with machine learning, like web reputation, behavioural analysis, sandboxing, application control and vulnerability shielding are also critical to ensuring you have the best protection against the broadest range of threats and you get all that with Trend Micro X-Gen.