As the number and variety of monitoring tools grow, it's getting harder to track which metrics to collect and why. One of the more fascinating points about IT systems businesses is that most of its operations are invisible to the naked eye. You may be sitting in a server room, but still have no idea what workloads are being performed, whether services are up or down, or what performance is like. That's why we rely on the monitoring tools that offer a deep view of what's going on inside this hidden world.

There are many different ways to monitor your applications and systems to get a view into what they're doing. But as with the real, physical world, what you're observing and how you perceive the events in question affect the conclusions you derive.

Monitoring with LogRhythm Network Monitor

Organizations need visibility into their networks to detect threats, perform forensic investigations, support audits, and identify operational issues. Attacks originate from both within and outside organizations and can cause significant damage. Because cyber-attacks are often first observed within the network itself, network monitoring plays an essential role in helping detect, stop, and recover from attacks. LogRhythm Network Monitor provides enterprise-wide network visibility in more detail than traditional network and security solutions like flow analysis tools and next-generation firewalls. The deep insight delivered by Network Monitor helps organizations detect and respond to advanced threats, including nation-state espionage, zero-day malware, and data exfiltration. Out-of-band deployment removes any impact on network device capacity and performance.


True Application Identification: Automatically identify over 2,700 applications to expedite network forensics using advanced classification methods and deep packet inspection (DPI).

SmartFlow Session Classification: Record Layer 7 application details and packet data for all network sessions using SmartFlow™. Get clear session visibility without requiring packet layer analysis or significant storage requirements.

Deep Packet Analytics (DPA): Continuously correlate against full packet payload and SmartFlow™ metadata using out-of-the-box rules and customizable scripts. Automate threat detection that was previously only possible via manual packet analysis.

Full Packet Capture: See every bit crossing your network with full Layer 2 through Layer 7 packet capture for the deepest insight possible. All captures are stored in industry-standard PCAP format so your team can use existing tools and training.

SmartCapture™: SmartCapture™ allows you to automatically capture sessions based on application or packet content to drastically reduce your storage requirements while preserving the information you need.

Unstructured Search: Perform ad hoc analysis. Drill down to critical flow and packet data quickly. With our Elasticsearch backend, you have a powerful “Google-like” search engine to streamline your investigation.

File Reconstruction: Reconstruct email file attachments to support malware analysis and data loss monitoring.

Alerts & Dashboards: Perform continuous, automated analysis on saved searches to immediately detect when specific conditions are met, and then surface these instances through customizable analyst dashboards.

API Integration: Use a REST-full API to provide third-party tools access to session-based packet captures and reconstructed files.


Get Started with Network Monitor Freemium

Budget and resource-constrained organizations can now easily deploy deep packet network monitoring to detect, respond to and neutralize advanced cyber threats with Network Monitor Freemium.

Network Monitor Freemium provides the same functionality as a full Network Monitor license, but with limits on processing, packet storage, and data forwarding. All other features and functionality are enabled and usable, including unstructured search, deep packet analytics, packet capture, and more. Network Monitor Freemium is not a trial and doesn’t expire, so get started.