By: Farooq | October 20, 2016

It is a smart business practice to limit your employees’ Internet access. You don’t want staff visiting inappropriate websites while they’re on the clock. Also, if your staff visits websites that are not suitable for work, they might be opening a door to cybercriminal attacks.
Online viruses, data loss, and unproductive employee time are the main concerns when your staff visits suspect websites. You should know they are also running the risk of downloading or displaying inappropriate or illegal content, which could create legal problems for your business.

Enabling Advanced URL Filtering

Worry-Free™ Services features advanced URL filtering to safeguard your employees and your business. This is a flexible feature that helps prevent cybercrime and unproductive employee time by blocking access to the websites that you decide are inappropriate. You can choose a level of URL filtering or make a customized filter for a group of websites by category.
Ransomware Protection
Worry-Free provides advanced malware and ransomware protection. Your endpoints are protected on or off the corporate network against viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and new variants as they merge.
- Reduces the burden of pattern file management and lowers performance impact.
- Detects and blocks ransomware encryption activities.
- Identifies and blocks botnet and targeted attack C&C communications.
- Secures users and endpoint systems from accessing malicious web content, without relying on updates, to assure zero-day protection.

Defending against ransomware on the endpoint with:

Behavior monitoring – Monitors for the rapid encryption of multiple files (filtering out good encryption processes) and kills the malicious encryption process before ransomware can spread. This advanced capability restores any files encrypted before the offending process was killed.

Web reputation - Blocks ransomware threats via the cloud using data from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and by blocking the ransomware (C&C) activity.

Browser exploit prevention - Uses multiple heuristic analysis techniques to detect and block exploit code on web pages (e.g., exploits in Java and Flash) that try to download ransomware as you attempt to access web pages.


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