We have seen that this is the era of blitz attacks, not on countries or people, like it used to, but on computers and information technology systems. With every device connecting to the wide world of Internet, it raises the need to protect these devices from hacker’s attacks. In today’s market, Companies are either providing security solutions, or they are only providing security assessment services, without fulfilling the gap in information security, which is required by their customers. We discovered that the market was in absolute need of a service provider who is specialized and dedicated in providing information security solutions including services and that is where we step in. For businesses, it is nearly impossible to find a credible solutions provider who have holistic approach towards security and truly provides end-to-end security solutions. Blitzkrieg Technologies was founded in 2016, and this venture is the brainchild of two seasoned information security veterans.




We have training and experience that helps us in identifying gaps and lapses in IT infrastructure of your organisation.


Our training and experience helps us in designing solutions that equilibrise gaps and lapses in your IT infrastructure.


We follow industry best practices in designing
and deploying solutions to empower your IT infrastructure.


We at Blitzkrieg Technologies have come up with this idea of introducing new and unconventional information security solutions. We are partners with cyber security leaders who have tremendous experience and are known to provide the best solutions. We are looking forward to grow and spread our roots all across Globe.


Blitzkrieg Technologies is looking forward to all the organizations where IT and its security is a crucial element of their business.